I'm a soccer kinda girl.
Sports are basically my life.

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Just a crazy fan-girl of multi-fandoms.. including:
THE MENTALIST, CASTLE, Bones, Sherlock, Rizzoli & Isles, DISNEY MOVIES, Lady Gaga, Prison Break, Supernatural, Friends, Full House, Doctor Who, HARRY POTTER, JK ROWLING, The Hunger Games, Emma Watson, The Middle, Pokemon, Anime... and a lot of other random shows. But 95% of the time, I'm blogging feelings of whatever shows are on at the moment. WARNING: I do occasionally go on a reblogging spree. So deal with it. I'm also not a 100% spoiler free blog, so be aware!

Australian men. That is all.

I worship Simon Baker,

Robin Tunney is my queen, & I'm also a HUGE Stanatic. They're both the epitome of perfection and I love them to the ends of the earth.

I also have a lot of ships, and a lot of feels. This is the life of a true fangirl.

If it makes me laugh, I'ma reblog it.
I also occasionally reblog photos of beautiful natural scenery, yes I am a sucker for natural life, and the arts as well.

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you’re such a b**** (bagel)


why is ewan mcgregor saying that in front of a waterfall

Why not.

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i play video games and when i’m not playing video games i watch other people play video games and when i’m not doing either of those things i’m listening to video game soundtracks and thinking about video games


a boy held open a door for me yesterday and i was like “thank you” and i heard him say “yes” and i was perplexed 


Isnt it amazing how beautiful people are. Like just look at anyone and study them and their features and how their lips tort and eyes glisten and how their hair falls or sticks or lays. How their eyebrows flex and the way their arms fold, how expressive their hands are. The way their body moves and how their chest rises and falls so subtley with their pulse. People are beautiful even if we dont find them attractive. The fact that they’re a living being is unbelievably magnificent.

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when you’re the first person to like someone’s response to an Anon